How-To Tuesday: Train for a Mud Run

Welcome to the first installment of 1vsOne’s How-To Tuesday—a weekly blog post that teaches you how to do something new that you can then share with our community on

With spring right around the corner, some of you may be thinking about ways to get outside and get into shape in time for the summer. One way to kill the two aforementioned birds with one stone is to compete in a mud run.

So what is a mud run?
A mud run is a course or trail between 5 and 25 kilometers in distance that includes a number of military-style obstacles along the way. Mud runs are designed to test your strength, stamina, mental toughness, decision-making and ability to work with a team. In addition, they’re a great way to be active, get in shape and bond with friends.

(Photo: Jollyboy)

(Photo: Jollyboy)

That sounds awesome, so how do I compete in one of these things?
The first step to competing in a mud run is registering for an event. Just head over to or (the two largest event organizers), check out their calendar of upcoming events in your area and sign up. Now that that’s done, lets move on to the hard part.

The second step to competing in a mud run is training. You’re going to want to make sure you’re physically capable of completing the course so here’s what you’ll need to do to get ready for run day.

How To Train for a Mud Run

1. Choose an Event: select the event you’d like to participate in so you can get an understanding of the course distance and obstacles you’ll likely encounter. The trick to training effectively is understanding what you’ll go up against.

2. Create a Circuit: based on the distance and obstacles your course will offer, develop a circuit to mimic the challenges that will arise. Circuits are a form of conditioning that use high-intensity aerobics that aim to build strength and muscle endurance; since mud runs are designed to test your strength and conditioning over a long period, circuits prove to be an ideal vehicle for training. Here are some workouts you may want to consider as you create your circuit:

• Push ups
• Sit Ups
• Crunches
• Burpees
• Planks
• Side Planks
• Leap frogs
• Lunges
• Bench dips
• Step ups
• Bear crawls

3. Track Progress: be sure to monitor your progress from week to week so you’ll know when you’re ready for the event. A good goal to shoot for at the onset of your training regiment is to be able to run 4+ miles without needing to rest, as well as being able to complete 15+ pull-ups and 30+ pushups in a row on a consistent basis.

So have at it – find some friends, sign up for an event and get busy training. Feel free to share your thoughts on this How-To in the comment fields below and good luck! We hope to find some awesome videos of your training and mud running on in the near future.


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