How-To Tuesday: March Madness Brackets

This week’s How-To Tuesday aims to demystify a great American pastime—March Madness Bracketology.

(Photo: mnapoleon)

(Photo: mnapoleon)

Whether you’re a fan of basketball or not, March Madness Brackets have become increasingly difficult to avoid with each passing year. As a result, if you’re unfamiliar with how these things work you’re likely going to find yourself confused, embarrassed and/or clueless in many conversations throughout the month of March.

Fortunately for you, and in the name of good competition, 1vsOne has developed a quick and easy How-To for approaching the whole March Madness thing for those not in the know.

How To Fill Out a March Madness Bracket (for Rookies)

  1. Download a bracket.
  2. Choose your strategy: as a complete beginner in Brackets, you have three strategies to choose from: favorites, statistics or random guessing.
    • Using the ‘favorites’ strategy means you are selecting the higher ranked team in each matchup.
    • If you chose statistics, you are going to follow a statistical framework to select seeds/teams based on the seed’s probability of advancing in each round based on historical data and using your own judgement (flipping a coin) about upsets. Here’s a great article that provides a framework.
    • The ‘random guessing’ strategy is at once the easiest to execute and most difficult to execute successfully. To use this strategy flip a coin for each matchup.
  3. Fill out your bracket.
  4. Begin to trash talk and let madness ensue.

So enjoy filling out your brackets and let the games begin.