Spotlight: Georges St-Pierre

This is the first installment of 1vsOne’s Spotlight – our weekly post that highlights some of the world’s most impressive athletes and performers.

With UFC 158 right around the corner, who better to kickoff our Spotlight segment  than Georges St-Pierre?

Georges, or “GSP” as he’s often referred to, is a Canadian mixed martial artists that competes for the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization. He currently holds the UFC’s Welterweight Championship along with an impressive career record of 23-2 (he’s gone unbeaten for 4 years, winning 10 straight matches). ESPN ranks Georges just behind Anderson Silva and Jon Jones as the #3 pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

So what makes Georges so dominant? His intellect and unrelenting competitive drive are a good place to start.

Leading up to a fight, Gorges trains six days a week to prepare of his opponent. Even at 23-2, he never slows down or becomes complacent with his training regiment—quite the contrary, actually. Georges has stated his goal is to reinvent himself for each match, so a good portion of his training focuses on learning new disciplines. In the past, this perpetual hunger to become a more rounded athlete has led the martial arts expert to train with the Canadian National Wrestling Team, a former Olympic boxer and expert gymnasts. 

On March 16th, Georges will defend his Welterweight Title against Nick Diaz in UFC 158. Be sure to tune in and watch this outstanding athlete do his thing.

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How-To Tuesday: March Madness Brackets

This week’s How-To Tuesday aims to demystify a great American pastime—March Madness Bracketology.

(Photo: mnapoleon)

(Photo: mnapoleon)

Whether you’re a fan of basketball or not, March Madness Brackets have become increasingly difficult to avoid with each passing year. As a result, if you’re unfamiliar with how these things work you’re likely going to find yourself confused, embarrassed and/or clueless in many conversations throughout the month of March.

Fortunately for you, and in the name of good competition, 1vsOne has developed a quick and easy How-To for approaching the whole March Madness thing for those not in the know.

How To Fill Out a March Madness Bracket (for Rookies)

  1. Download a bracket.
  2. Choose your strategy: as a complete beginner in Brackets, you have three strategies to choose from: favorites, statistics or random guessing.
    • Using the ‘favorites’ strategy means you are selecting the higher ranked team in each matchup.
    • If you chose statistics, you are going to follow a statistical framework to select seeds/teams based on the seed’s probability of advancing in each round based on historical data and using your own judgement (flipping a coin) about upsets. Here’s a great article that provides a framework.
    • The ‘random guessing’ strategy is at once the easiest to execute and most difficult to execute successfully. To use this strategy flip a coin for each matchup.
  3. Fill out your bracket.
  4. Begin to trash talk and let madness ensue.

So enjoy filling out your brackets and let the games begin.